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Liposuction, often simply called lipo, is a surgical method for fat removal. Although you may want lipo, you may not want surgery to achieve the fat loss. Fortunately, Aaron Jeng, MD, at Beau MedSpa in Glendale, California, has nonsurgical lipo options that can give you the results you want. Use the online appointment tool or call the Beau MedSpa office now to schedule your nonsurgical lipo consultation.

Lipo Q & A

What is lipo?

The term “lipo” can refer to a couple of different things today. Traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure typically done in a hospital or surgery center. Surgical lipo may be better for removing very large amounts of fat.

During liposuction, the surgeon makes incisions above fat deposits and inserts a tube to suction the fat out while you’re under anesthesia. Because surgical liposuction is a major surgery, there’s a fairly long recovery time, usually anywhere from a week to a few weeks.

Lipo, or laser lipo, may also refer to nonsurgical fat reduction like SculpSure®. With SculpSure, there’s no surgery, no hospital stay, and you have no downtime at all. SculpSure is particularly well-suited to body contouring, which essentially means removing the small fat deposits that resist diet and exercise.

What are the best areas to have laser lipo?

Most patients have SculpSure laser lipo in the trouble spots they seem to struggle with no matter what they do. Most commonly, this includes the tummy, hips, and thighs. Another area becoming a popular spot for laser lipo is the double chin.

How does laser lipo work?

SculpSure laser lipo is a 25-minute treatment that destroys fat cells while you relax. Dr. Jeng, an experienced aesthetic physician, precisely situates the treatment applicators so the laser beams move directly into the fat deposits under your skin.

You relax while the lasers do their work. You might experience a warming sensation during SculpSure laser lipo treatment, but that’s balanced with blasts of cool air periodically, so you’ll be comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable with the heat level during your SculpSure laser fat reduction session, Dr. Jeng can adjust the intensity to make you comfortable.

How many laser lipo sessions do I need to get results?

Many patients get the desired results with only one laser lipo session. However, if you want to do further body sculpting, you can have another treatment once the final results of your first session are evident -- usually at 12 weeks post-treatment.

Want lipo, but don’t want hospital time? Laser lipo like SculpSure might be ideal for you. Use the online appointment tool now, or call the Beau MedSpa office today.