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30 min

Botox: $14/u

Xeomin: $10/u

Dysport :  $10/3u 

Restylane Kysse: $575 per syringe

Restylane L: $525 per syringe

Restylane Silk: $525 per syringe

Restylane Defyne/Refyne: $750 per syringe

Restylane Lyft: $720 per syringe

Radiesse: $850 per syringe

Juvederm Ultra XC: *$385 per .55cc syringe or $575 per 1cc syringe

Kybella: $550/vial 

Ask us how to get an additional $20-$60 off of Restylane & Dysport

1540 Fractional Laser Facial

60 min, $700

This non-ablative fractional laser penetrates multiple layers to stimulate collagen and exfoliation. This treatment will reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pores, malasma, as well as even out texture and superficially stimulate collagen. 

This laser can also improve the appearance of various scars such as acne, stretch marks, surgical, etc.

20% off package of 3

Add PRP for $200

IPL Facial

60 min, $500 or 3 for $1350

Intense Pulse Light is a proven way to get rid of hyperpigmentation, pigmented acne scars, rosacea, freckles, moles, broken facial capillaries, and various other discoloration.


30 min, $150+

Through the use of radio frequency, this device stimulates collagen production deep beneath the skin's surface. It helps to heal a multitude of signs of aging such as sagging, loose skin, herniated fat pockets (under eye puffiness), deep set lines, and helps to restore a plump, youthful look without any downtime. 

This device can also be used to improve the integrity of skin in other areas such as the stomach, neck, etc. It can also diminish the appearance of cellulite as well as help stimulate repair of some old injuries and aching, knotted muscles.

Forehead        $150

Eyes               $250

Lower face     $300

Chin/Jowls     $300

Neck               $300

FULL FACE*   $600

     *Forehead, eyes, lower face


4" x 4" area    $400

6" x 6" area    $525


25 min, $375+


Laser Lipo. The laser is attached to the treatment area for a total treatment time of 25 minutes. The laser specifically targets the density of the fat, warming the area to the temperature of fat destruction. It cycles from warm to cool for 25 minutes. The permanently destroyed fat cells are then flushed out through your lymphatic system during the next 6 months following your treatment. This treatment can be applied to the double chin area, arms, abdomen, back, flanks, etc. There is no scarring, no downtime nor bruising or swelling like other procedures - just results!

Body (Price per Applicator/PAC)  $375

Submental (Price per treatment)  $850

       Petite Submental now available 

PRP/PRF Anti-Aging Treatments

60 min, $200-$699

Hair  $699

Face $499

Undereye Injection $400

Lip Injection $400

Extra Vaccutainer $200

Other areas available upon request

- Stimulate superficial collagen

- Repairs age-related volume-loss

   (undereyes, cheeks, lips, nasolabial folds, are some common areas)

- Improves skin elasticity

- Improves the appearance of scars such as acne and stretchmarks

- Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- Stimulates hair growth from dormant hair follicles

Chemical Peel

30 min, $350

This revitalizing treatment will make your skin glow. It'll minimize the appearance of pores, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as get rid of active acne.

Laser Hair Removal Candela

5 min+, $15+

Abdomen*          $80+

Anus                   $15

Areolas               $20

Arms*                 $120+

Arms  (half)*       $60+

Back                  $160+

Back  (half)*        $85+

Bikini                  $50

Brazilian             $65

Buttocks            $80

Cheeks              $40

Chest                 $75

Chin/jaw            $25

Feet                   $20

Hands                $20

Happy Trail        $30

Legs*                 $160+

Legs (half)*        $85+

Neck                 $40

Shoulders         $50

Side Burns        $20

Toes                  $20
Under Arms      $45

Upper Lip         $15

*Arms/abdomen/back/legs XL-XXL  consult required for pricing

BUY 5, Get 6th treatment FREE

Laser Hair Removal ICON

10 min+, $30+

Abdomen         $150(F)/$190(M)

Areolas             $40

Arms                 $230(F)/$270(M)

Arms  (half)       $120(F)/$140(M)

Back                 $330(F)/$400(M)

Back  (half)        $170(F)/$210(M)

Bikini                 $90

Brazilian            $140(F)/$150(M)

Buttocks           $160

Cheeks             $80

Chest                $150

Chin/jaw           $50

Feet                  $40

Hands               $40

Happy Trail       $60

Legs                 $300(F)/$370(M)

Legs (half)        $160(F)/$205(M)

Neck                $70

Shoulders        $100

Side Burns       $35

Toes                 $30
Under Arms     $90

Upper Lip        $30

*FULL BODY   $1000(F)/$1300(M)

BUY 5, Get 1 FREE

Body, Weight-Management

60 min-40 days, $799

Weight-loss & muscle gain   $799

Weight-loss & energy           $799

Consult, medication (HCG, Phentermine, etc.), training, and specialized plan

HD PDO Threads

60 min, $200+

Manufactured in Italy, HDpdo are a completely absorbable, safe, and effective non-surgical alternative for  facial and body lift procedures. 

Popular Treatment Areas:

Total Facelift













Marionette Lines


Smile Lines

Stretch Marks


V-Line Jaw